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Clan Members

High Council

Prince Arch Hara Feild Marshal High Council Leader
Krull Arch Hara Baron of Astonia High Council
Offended Arch Templar Feild Marshal High Council
Florian Sayen Du' Baron of Astonia High Council


Domnallanh Arch Hara Lt. General Leader of the Council
Locke Sayen Du' Major General Council
Shadowfax Arch Templar General Council
Dolphin Arch Hara Major General Council


Magus Arch Hara Lt. Gen Leader of the Holy Mages
Rolin Arch Templar General Leader of the Holy Knights
Bonney Sayen Du' Major General Elite Sayen Du'
Hownowbrowncow Warrior Captain Elite Warrior
Pulkure Harakim Corporal Holy Mage
Dellie Arch Hara Major General Holy Mage
Fire Arch Hara General Holy Mage
Lung Arch Temp Knight of Astonia Holy Knight
Vincent Arch Temp Feild Marshal Holy Knight
Broken Hara Second Lt. Holy Mage
Pendragon Seyan Du' First Lt. Elite Seyan Du'
Solentie Hara Captain Holy Mage
Fireclaw Hara Staff Sergeant Holy Mage
Rushww Warrior Major Elite Warrior
Fizzy Arch Temp Knight of Astonia Holy Knight
Xgokux Merc Sgt. Major Holy Fighter
Action Arch Templar Lt. General Holy Knight
Matthias Arch Templar General Holy Knight
Nova Arch Templar Major General Holy Knight
Trecko Arch Hara Maj. Gen. Holy Mage
Zitane Merc First Lieu Holy Fighter
Onizuka Major General Arch Templar Holy Knight
Josie Brig. Gen. Arch Templar Holy Knight
Falke Lt. Gen. Arch Hara Holy Mage

If you are in this clan but not mentioned in this page please contact Prince in the game and we will have things updated as soon as possible.